Take a quick scan of the navigation bar on the Uncover Ostomy website. Notice anything new?

Uncover Ostomy Buzz

Uncover Ostomy Buzz

We've added the “Buzz” page!

“What is the “Buzz” page?” you might be wondering.

Well, the “Buzz” page is a page that lists all of the articles that have been written about Uncover Ostomy since it's inception! I'm hoping that by having this page, other media will not only see the credibility of this campaign, but it will illustrate the fact that there is a story to share, and that story is Uncover Ostomy.

We are an amazing community with a lot of awareness to spread and the media should take notice of us!
On that note, as you know I always say- we are not done yet! I urge you to share this page with your friends and family, as well as to share it with any journalists, public relations professionals, or anyone who has control of a medium that they can disseminate information to an audience.

We still have a long way to go to bring the ostomy into the main stream, but with your help, we are definitely getting there!

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