Snowing at Everest

Weather Update @ 7:40 AM Everest: John reports that the clouds are breaking above the South Col. This could be a slow process. The team has managed to resupply food and fuel from descending teams that topped out yesterday. This gives them the ability to wait out another 24 hours on the South Col. Pemba Sherpa will descend today, freeing up additional bottled oxygen for the team members. It is very difficult to remain at 8000M for an extended period of time, even while breathing bottled oxygen. If the weather does not clear in time for a summit attempt tonight, the team will be forced to descend tomorrow.
It’s snowing at Everest – top to bottom. Where snowfall measures in inches at base camp, apparently it’s in feet up high. Above 8000M, this kind of snowfall is extremely hard to climb in. Winds are building as well. John reports that teams that left the South Col last night to try to push through the falling snow returned in the early hours of the morning unsuccessful. The team is currently evaluating its options, but with no sign of lightening winds or of the snow stopping, it’s not looking optimistic for a summit attempt in the next two days.

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