ORAL IVproducts to add in hydration

Since I am always looking for products to add in hydration


, I jumped
at a chance to try , to be honest, I didn’t know anything about
this product going into the trial.

I am very impressed with this
product and let me tell you why. I live with Crohn’s disease and
without my colon, hydration is a daily concern and dehydration is a
daily reality. In addition, I have also been a fully sponsored
mountain climber, meaning I was paid to climb and then tell people
about why I climbed (to raise awareness for intestinal health and
related issues), which requires even more attention to hydration.

I tend to believe mountain climbing is possibly the most difficult sport
to pursue when your body struggles to absorb electrolytes and water
back into the system. It is also incredibly hard to acclimate to
altitude without being able to hydrate as efficiently as most others.

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