Rob Hills Yukon River Gold Rush First Review, As an adventurer and ostomate, I am always looking for a product that makes life and its adventures easier. I am sharing a few of these on my Yukon River Gold Rush 2017 IBD Adventure, a charity fundraiser for IDEAS.

Liners – Understandably going to the bathroom in the woods can be a concern for everyone, possibly more so if you live with an ostomy, my plan as always is to make life simple. When Colo-Majic came out with a Biodegradable liner I knew I needed to put this product to the test.

Liners, are designed to be used by people living with an ileostomy or colostomy, the liners fit inside your pouch with a 2 piece system and capture waste. Designed to make disposal fast, discreet, convenient, promote cost savings, and now biodegradable and flushable.

In a remote camp setting, it is necessary to dig a cat hole for your waste: Catholes (cat holes) are for the most part the most accepted method of waste disposal in the backcountry… so if you plan to poop in the backcountry you will need to use one. A cathole is a hole in the ground dug 6 to 8 inches deep and about 4 to 6 inches wide. They can be dug with a small hand trowel, with the back of your heel, or even with a stick or a rock.

Suitable areas for catholes are at least 200 feet from water sources, campsites, popular areas, or trails. Organic soils are better choices than mineral (sandy) soils. At popular campsites, it is probably best if you can find a good spot as far away from the camp as possible to reduce the concentration of catholes. Pick a location where people will be unlikely to walk or camp.

My plan is to use the biodegradable Liners to make this process easier, a clean, no fuse system for an ostomate to take to the outdoors and seek adventure, with one less worry. If you are interested in trying this product please to purchase.

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