Rob Hills EasiCleanse Review at Yukon River Gold Rush


Rob Hills at Yukon River Gold Rush, EasiCleanse Bedside-Care by Coloplast.

Staying clean in the backcountry, on the side of a mountain or big expedition is always an issue, one that I always look to resolve. As an ostomate, I am also concerned with dealing with a product failure or blowout. So why am I eager to try EasiCleanse? Because it is dry! Every try to clean your face with a frozen washcloth, not fun and rather shocking, well EasiCleanse, is a Bedside-Care, no-rinse, self-subsiding, disposable washcloth that comes dry. So when it comes time for a bath on an expedition, you just add warm water and you get a nice, comfortable bed bath. I testing this product on the field at Yukon River Gold Rush.

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