Rob Hill Getting ready Kilimanjaro

Rob Hill Getting ready Kilimanjaro

,Tanzania 2014 IBD Adventure, Getting ready for the next IBD Adventure, It has been a few years since I have had to train hard for a climb, in the past it was about maintaining a constant and ramping up a few months out from the next big Mountain.

I still get out on a yearly IBD Adventure and stay pretty active with my young family but reality is that the same level of fitness is not required to live my life now, compared to when I was climbing something big once a year. Some might argue that Kilimanjaro isn’t that hard and a high level of fitness isn’t required but this is relative to a standard of fitness. I train and I ask that everyone joining me on a trek like Kilimanjaro, come in at the highest level of fitness they can achieve, why you ask, so they can enjoy themselves.

Kilimanjaro Tanzania 2014

Since I have stepped away from a very active mountaineering lifestyle, which required a high level of fitness, and moved into a very of being a dad, I have noticed a few things…

Age might be playing a roll, I can’t avoid the inevitable, my strength has gone a bit but can be
regained but, it is my flexibility and recovery time that has been the biggest concern.

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