How Much Supplies to bring to Kilimanjaro Tanzania adventure

How Much Supplies to bring to Kilimanjaro

How Much to bring to Tanzania adventure, How do I determine how many supplies to bring with me on an adventure is one question and how I manage and change my ostomy on climb are two questions I get asked frequently.

I think first I should start with preparation, I don’t change anything up for a climb, just take my tried and tested product the system I wear everyday Convatec Moldable, but I am not here to talk about which product to wear, just about how I get that part of life ready for a climb.

In order to determine how much supplies I need to pack I first, I calculate average wear time [awt], factor in the variables known and unknown. Known factors, since I am going to Africa I know it will be hot and humid at lower elevation and cooler higher on the mountain.

How Much Supplies to bring to Kilimanjaro
How Much Supplies to bring to Kilimanjaro

I also know that since I will be climbing I will be exerting extra energy and losing weight.

Some of the unknown factors I must consider include dietary restrictions and changes, the potential of getting sick or having a crohn’s flare, and other factors I can’t control but can and will impact my output therefore affecting my wear time. Honestly the known factors don’t control wear time with me at home and not a big factor on a climb or when travelling, however you do not want to be stuck without at anytime so why take any chances on being away from home without extra supplies.

The unknown ones, are not so much unknown, as they can and will happen, I just hope they don’t
occur but I plan to be ready just in case an unforeseen issue arises.

Given the variables I consider my regular average wear time, I average 7 days, I then add on the worst case scenario, if needed I could change every 1 or 2 days but that is too often, so I look at difference between the two situations and come to an average of every 4 days. I then some research to consider the remoteness of the area I am in and the local ostomy knowledge or supplies.

So with those factors in mind for , I have decided to then double or triple the supplies I would usually need in my average wear time.

Finally, in order to make sure I have enough product I then double or triple the amount I would need for every 4 days so that I can split the products evenly 2 or 3 times to cover the possibilities of the airline losing a bag, the chance of a yak running, possible concern of theft, and of course my personal Rob factor of me forgetting them some
place in the midst of my travel.

I then place 2-3 ziplocks with enough product to last my trip in separate bags and make sure I have one in
carry-on as well, since it will be with me and so that I have supplies for the actual travel part of the journey. So yes, I usually take more than I need but my experience has been it is better to have too much than not enough.


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