My long list of Crohns medications

My long list of Crohn’s medications

, On every climb I hope of never having to take any of my Crohn’s medications, However, I carry them with me on every climb. Yes, I have been pretty much drug-free since I had my , which I am very grateful for, but since I still live with Crohn’s I can still have flares.

I hope to never have to deal with one again and the last place I want one is on a climb, so as a result, I visit my doctor before leaving home and get prescriptions for all my Crohn’s medications. With any luck, I don’t need to take them at all but at least they give me a sense of security and safety while away.

Leading up to and during each climb I have to trust in the medications to treat my Crohn’s Disease and trust in my to support me while at home but also while I am away.

My long list of Crohn’s medications
My long list of Crohn’s medications

During climbs, I carry not only disease related drugs that I may need but I also have a short list of drugs to help any of the team members with acclimatization as well. Someone having edema on the mountain can get ugly fast so having the needed medications on-hand can be life-saving.

There is also a drug that can help you adjust to the change in altitude as you move higher up the mountain. All these add a level of support and sense of security to the team and its trekkers. Despite all this, the team will look to each other for support, work with the local guides to reach their goal, to climb the tallest freestanding peak in the World. As patients, we realize that although more often than not we need this drugs to survive they are not what we need to Live our Lives!

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