– Inflammatory Bowel Disease – affects nearly 200,000 Canadians. Why is awareness of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis low?

The stigma associated with these illnesses, which affect people ‘below the belt', is a barrier to speaking up about how IBD impacts school, work, exercise – even your social life.

and Clinton Shard – two British Columbians who are overcoming Crohn's disease through a combination of hard work, community support and medical treatment – are tackling Mount Everest to show the world that ‘IBD Doesn't Stop Me'

Does IBD stop you? If you're overcoming IBD like Rob and Clinton, tell them how. Better yet, share your videos and photos to prove it.

Submissions can be anonymous, but we encourage you to share your name or email if you feel comfortable. Please let us know what city you live in and how old you are so we can track how the ‘IBD doesn't stop me' message is being spread. Use the commenting feature below, or share your photos and videos on the IDEAS Facebook page andIDEAS Youtube channel using the ‘IBD doesn't stop me' tag.

We'll try and upload some of your stories, photos and videos to this website so your story can help show others that IBD shouldn't stop them too!

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