There's a generally accepted rule in the mountains: if you don't come down safely from the peak, it doesn't count as a summit. Over two weeks ago, Team successfully reached Everest base camp. Today, these six courageous individuals are settling back into their daily lives – heading back to work and school – having successfully made it home. Congratulations Carly, Clinton, Tony, Bob, Phil and Paul!

Everest IBD Adventures Success

Everest Adventures Success

“I want people to recognize that what Tony, Phil, Bob, Clinton, Carly and Paul did was no easy feat,” said . “We've been at Everest for three weeks now and we're watching people leave early and hearing stories of climbers having never reached base camp. 5400 meters above sea level is really high. Higher than most mountains in Canada. It is no easy task to manage the altitude, the daily stress on the body and being in a foreign land, eating foreign food and drinking foreign water. For Clinton, Carly, Tony and Bob, who are all trying to manage an inflammatory bowel disease and/or an ostomy, it's just that much harder. But they did it, and now they are home to tell everyone about it. I couldn't be more proud of this dynamic team.”

The IBD Adventures Everest Base Camp Trek marks the second successful adventure that IDEAS has embarked on through this remarkable program. And by successful, we mean everyone to the top and everyone home. But the real success of the IBD Adventures program can be seen every time someone like Clinton, Tony, Carly or Bob stands up in a room, shares their story of adventure, talks about what it's like to live with IBD and/or an ostomy and inspires someone to go out into the world to seek their own adventure, to live their life to the fullest. IDEAS seeks to educate and make people aware of intestinal diseases and end the stigma surrounding these terrible illnesses in our communities. It's through the actions of the IBD Adventures team that this goal becomes possible.

We'd like to thank Carly and Clinton for standing up and shouting to everyone who will listen: “IBD Doesn't Stop Me!” We'd like to thank Tony for telling the world through his work with the Great Comebacks™ program that having an ostomy doesn't mean you can't live your life how you want to. We'd like to thank Bob for coming all the way from Chicago, Illinois to show everyone he talks to that life's dreams can be attained, regardless of what challenges life tosses at you. We'd like to thank Phil and Paul, two individuals who are not directly affected by IBD, but through compassion and friendship, traveled half-way around the world to support the IDEAS mission. All of you are the definition of success.

While the team has been successful in reaching Everest and coming home to talk about it, they can still use your help to reach their fund raising goals. Please donate online now, or if you'd prefer, please send a cheque to the IDEAS office:

#521 – 119 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC, V5L 2N4

All donations over $20 will receive a Canadian tax receipt for charitable giving. You can acknowledge individual trekkers by naming them alongside your donations. Thank you.

Clinton Carly Kalapattar Everest IBD Adventures Team

Clinton Carly Kalapattar Everest IBD Adventures Team

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