Black Dragon Pools

Black Dragon Pools

Black Dragon Pools, a day off the wall to visit the historic & mythical pools of the Black Dragon. On a typical hot day this trip would be a more than welcome break from the heat of the wall, stepping into a narrow slot canyon, slipping our way up the sides to gaze upon its tranquil waters.

We were embraced by the mist from the cascading water as it falls down the cliff face to smash upon the smooth stone below. There are natural water flues flowing from one dark inviting pool to the next; cut into the granite over thousands of years.

Amongst the lush green undergrowth and floral forest canopy, I find myself captivated buy the beauty surrounding me. Now, if I could only grasp, the entrepreneurial spirit of the locals and see the value in plugging up this natural wonder with rubber dingy boats, which are an unnatural yellow and blue color. After looking past that we would venture in to the jungle for a bit of bush whacking around the back side of the mountain to find the secret water source of the Black Dragon’s Pools.

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